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> Being Boring
> By Kenneth Goldsmith
> http://epc.buffalo.edu/authors/goldsmith/goldsmith_boring.html
> Presented at:
> The First Seance for Experimental Literature, Disney REDCAT Theatre, Los
> Angeles, November, 2004
> Kelly Writer's House, University of Pennsylvania, Poet's Lunch, November
> 2004
> Listen to Being Boring (MP3)
> http://bit.ly/mcyPpm
> I am the most boring writer that has ever lived. If there were an
> Olympic sport for extreme boredom, I would get a gold medal. My books
> are impossible to read straight through. In fact, every time I have to
> proofread them before sending them off to the publisher, I fall asleep
> repeatedly. You really don't need to read my books to get the idea of
> what they're like; you just need to know the general concept.
> Over the past ten years, my practice today has boiled down to simply
> retyping existing texts. I've thought about my practice in relation to
> Borges's Pierre Menard, but even Menard was more original than I am: he,
> independent of any knowledge of Don Quixote, reinvented Cervantes'
> masterpiece word for word. By contrast, I don't invent anything. I just
> keep rewriting the same book. I sympathize with the protagonist of a
> cartoon claiming to have transferred x amount of megabytes, physically
> exhausted after a day of downloading. The simple act of moving
> information from one place to another today constitutes a significant
> cultural act in and of itself. I think it's fair to say that most of us
> spend hours each day shifting content into different containers. Some of
> us call this writing.
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