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Hi everyone, I'm coming to the end of my post doc now and starting to
investigate what I can do next. Just thought I'd share my thoughts.

I feel a bit sad because I've really enjoyed the post doc, but there's no
money left in the university's pot to carry on, which is the name of the
game with research positions it seems, and increasingly a problem given the
agenda driven austerity all around us.
I feel I've done some good work on the future of the book and am proud of
this - here's my blog - http://augmentedwonder.blogspot.co.uk and am
struggling to finish my project before the final bell rings.

So what now? These seem to be my options:

1. I'd love to do more practice-based research, but this means looking
around and maybe moving home and family to another place, to a low-paid and
insecure research position. Looks unlikely

2. I'd like to live from my art, but then I think we all feel that way. Get
real - it's not going to happen!

3. Maybe I'll do some more university lecturing/ teaching?

4. Start my own business? Doing what though?

5. Web development jobs. I've sent my cv to some agencies and am getting
emails now. This is the sort of thing I receive. Maybe it's my twisted
sense of what's good or bad or my advanced age but it makes me want to cut
my wrists ...

Front-End Developer

Package: D.O.E + profit share + benefits****


Our client is an entrepreneurial organisation with lots of ideas and are
not afraid to try some of them out! They are looking for an exceptional
front-end developer, with in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS and JQuery, to
join the talented web delivery team situated in the rolling Kent


A day in the life...****


· The day starts with the daily stand-up. In the stand-up, you share your
plan for the day, what you'll be working on and what support you will need;
everyone in the team knows what each other is working on and understands
the teams priorities.****


· You get stuck into the day, either working alone or pair programming; but
either way collaborating with your colleagues and your project manager.
Your shared enthusiasm for problem solving means its great to share ideas
and solutions with your team.****


· Its been a really productive morning and its time for lunch. The building
is situated in beautiful surroundings and is only a short drive to the town
and beach, so there is plenty to do to for an active lunch-break.
Alternatively, there are numerous places to chill out if some quiet time is
more appealing.****


· By mid-afternoon, you've cracked the problem and it's ready to go to the
QA team for testing. You move the issue ticket on the Kanban board and give
one of the QAs a heads-up.****

· Before pulling the next issue ticket and getting started on a completely
new problem to solve, you take a few minutes to think about this weeks
Project Lounge. Project Lounge happens every Friday afternoon and is your
opportunity to work on any project of your own design and to learn new
skills and technologies.****


· Its the end of the day before you know it - although with flexitime,
everyone’s days can finish at different times - and you’re ready to go
home. But you can stay hooked in if you want to; your colleagues are active
on Twitter and share loads of interesting content.****

** **

Kind regards,****

** **

*Joe O’Flynn*

Head of Key Accounts
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