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---------- Welcome to bytetime's newsletter

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---------- Billions of Geotagged Tweets Visualized in Twitter's Amazing Maps

Ever wonder what it would look like to plot every single geotagged tweet since 2009 on a map? Twitter has done just that.<br/> <br/>Twitter posted these maps of Europe, New York City, Tokyo and Istanbul on its blog Friday. They use billions of geotagged tweets: Every dot represents a tweet, with the brighter colors showing a higher concentration of tweets. It's pretty amazing how the mapped-out tweets clearly match with population centers, highways and the like — though perhaps that's obvious.

---------- 20 Tips for using Twitter as part of your community engagement process | Bang The Table

---------- Not what was advertised, dark, dingy and smelly. - Comfort Inn Settlement, Echuca Traveller Reviews - TripAdvisor

Not what was advertised, dark, dingy and smelly.: Comfort Inn Settlement - See 14 traveller reviews, 17 photos, and cheap deals for Echuca, Australia, at TripAdvisor.

---------- Mining Your Social Networks for Content Marketing Ideas - Search Engine Journal

Content marketing is undoubtedly a great way to promote your website, but the problem is that it’s – well – hard!

---------- A Breakout Role for Twitter? Extensive Use of Social Media in the Absence of Traditional Media by Turks in Turkish in Taksim Square Protests

The following post is provide based on research conducted in the past 24 hours by NYU's Social Media and Political Participation (SMaPP) laboratory.  It is written by lab members and NYU Politics P...

---------- 13 Basic Rules of Social Media Marketing | Business 2 Community

Social media marketing is the fastest growing area of influence in the digital world.

---------- INFOGRAPHIC: Designing Service | The Puzzle

How do you use design thinking to create or improve a service learning program? Check out this infographic for our process.

---------- 7 Tips to Make Your Social Media Content More Shareable [INFOGRAPHIC] - AllTwitter

7 Tips to Make Your Social Media Content More Shareable [INFOGRAPHIC]

---------- Finding Balance : Mura Gadi Exhibition by Tracey M Benson

Finding Balance: Mura Gadi evokes the geographical region surrounding Canberra, especially Namadgi National Park.

---------- Locating Emerging Media (Hardback) - Routledge

Locating Emerging Media focuses on the tensions between the local and global in the design, distribution, and use of emerging media forms, building on scholarship on the cultural geography of new media networks and products and the relationships...

---------- Software Studies: new article by Lev Manovich: "Trending: The Promises and the Challenges of Big Social Data"

---------- Infographic: Social media leads convert 13% higher than average

If you did a double take when you read the headline…. so did I. If social media leads convert 13% higher than average, then the case for social media marketing becomes a heck of a lot stronger.

---------- Advocates, Authenticity, and Content are Key to Reaching Readers | Publishing Perspectives

Marketing and media professionals share their insights on latest trends and innovations in book promotion from Tuesday's Publishing Perspectives Reaching Readers conference. During the first half of Publishing Perspectives’ “Reaching Readers Conference” on Tuesday, panelists posed challenging questions against the backdrop of even more challenging statistics: Last year, $170 billion was spent on direct marketing and only a fraction of that reached potential readers; and only 7% of “word of mouth” marketing, arguably the most effective means of message spreading, happens online. What are marketers supposed to do? Different morning panelists struggled to differentiate between the efficacy of traditional marketing campaign environments and their counterpoint, the crowded digital landscapes that are soaking up their precious resources....

---------- Employees Are Your Best Brand Advocates | Social Media Today

One of the most under-leveraged resources for many brands, within social media, comes from within: their employees. Research has continuously shown that people trust word of mouth or recommendations anonymously or via personal networks.

---------- The 5 Social Media Metrics Your CEO Actually Cares About

Social media vanity metrics abound, we can all agree. Here are the metrics your CEO actually wants to see.... He's also a data guy. An MIT alum and lecturer, Brian knows how to separate useful data from vanity metrics, and he's quick to let you know what truly counts as an indicator of how our company is faring at delivering on its promise. While we proudly think of Brian as a unique leader, this laser focus on measuring the right metrics is something I'd wager he shares with CEOs across the board. And when it comes to social media, in particular, vanity metrics abound. So here are some social media metrics that actually matter to our CEO --- and likely yours, too! ...

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