[NetBehaviour] intimations of immortality

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Jun 6 15:44:26 CEST 2013

Hi Alan, 

you are going to address immortality at Subtle Technologies?  

Wish i could be there.  Want to share your thoughts with us here, like the other time?

I am not directly interested in immortality, but was just this morning reading a small review on a new opera being shown in London, 
dealing with Walt Disney (" a man or a company"), and the myth or legend about his wanting to be cryogenically frozen in the hope that one
day he (his company?) might be brought back to life.....   (http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2013/may/31/perfect-american-eno-phelim-mcdermott)

Apparently Andy Warhol (as a character) strolls into the scene, at one point, too.  
What an assemblage of perfect americans. 

best wishes

Johannes Birringer

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Subject: [NetBehaviour] What I've been doing recently

What I've been doing -

New ESP-Disk vinyl and cd forthcoming!

We've been busy recording and mastering; the recording was made
at GodelStrings on Saturday, the mastering on laptops.

The lineup and instrumentation -

Azure Carter, lots of songs!
Chris Diasparra, baritone and tenor saxes!
Ed Schneider, alto sax, a bit of singing!
Alan Sondheim, long-necked saz, cura, cura cumbus, electric saz,
viola, violin, tro, oud, classical guitar, parlor guitar, dan
moi, kouxian, ukulele, sarangi, suroz, ghichek, pipa, sung lisu,
flute, chromatic harmonica, Cm harmonic harmonica!

(I wanted to see what the transitions would be like, from one
instrument or mode of playing to another; I also wanted to try
using an extreme number of instruments during the course of a
9-hour recording session.)

The sound recording is amazing - I really recommend this studio.

-- Also, working on a series of texts on IMMORTALITY for the
upcoming Subtle Technologies gathering/conference in Toronto
this weekend, yay!

-- And query - just found a Korean gayageum at a thrift store;
it's quite old and needs some work - if you know anything about
stringing it please get in touch! Thanks -

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