[NetBehaviour] ISEA2013 at 4pm room 101 - waterwheel patch

Suzon Fuks suzon at water-wheel.net
Tue Jun 11 03:32:16 CEST 2013

Wednesday 12 June at 4pm
at ISEA 2013, auditorium 101

We will present our current research using mobile devices as a way of
integrating remote physical movement and sound into the online structure
of the Tap to allow participation away from keyboard/mouse-based
computers. Taking a cue from research using sensors in dance, we are using
phones carried by/attached to participantsto collect sensor information on
participants¹ movement (geo-locative / accelerometer / motion / rhythm) as
a control source for the Tap.

We are also working with ³low-bandwith² ways of integrating audio from
old-school mobile phones as both a content, feedback and control source.
Ultimately we see the Tap Œplug-in¹ as a structure that invites creative /
innovative projects rather than a creative project per se.  Since March
2013, Inkahoots are working to implement the results of the research into
the Tap interface.

The team includes:
Ian Winters: programmer, interactive/video artist
James Cunningham: Igneous, interactivity and movement artist
Suzon Fuks: Waterwheel initiator & coordinator, movement interaction
artist, Igneous
Inkahoots: web design studio, Waterwheel co-founders.

For ISEA 2013,we will present highlights of our current research, and
conduct a demonstration of the Tap Œplugin¹ in a brief live performative
presentation exploring tracks and soundscapes of remote participants¹
local waterways/scapes in Australia, Indonesia, Europe, and North America
- Adhari Donora in Riau, Sumatra (Indonesia)
- Russell Milledge & Rebecca Youdell - Bonemap in Cairns (Australia)
- Evelyn Ficarra & Kate Genevieve in Brighton (UK)
- Mary Armentrout & Marcia Scott in San Francisco (USA)

Looking forward to have your feedback, questions and suggestions

Suzon Fuks
WATERWHEEL, Make & Share about Water
WATERWHEEL Initiator and co-founder  http://water-wheel.net
IGNEOUS Co-artistic Director  http://www.igneous.org.au
skype: suzonfuks | http://suzonfuks.net
mob: +61-439 929 028 | Tel:+61-7-3255 8355 | 3/27 Waverley St - Annerley
QLD  4103 - Australia
it takes 3 litres of water to make 1 sheet of A4 paper & 12,000 litres to
make 500 grams of chocolate!

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