[NetBehaviour] My Twitter Feedback Regarding James Bridle's "The New Aesthetic and its Politics"

mez breeze netwurker at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 15:31:23 CEST 2013

   - So, Bridle just trollbaited his response to New Aesthetic critics two
   years too late and with closed comments..
   - [Quick points that I'll flesh out 2morrow regarding Bridle's
   post-relevancy NA dash: 1. Focuses on "Aesthetic" 2 the detriment of
   - 2. Reads as trollbait designed specifically to stir up debate to
   further Bridle's own personality projection/speaker-circuit-hopping...
   - 3. A heavy emphasis on the literary shows Bridle's own lack of
   historical content regarding technology + the glitch movement in
   general...while attempting 2 stridently fuse networked technology to such
   narrowband publishing foundations = stinky bias towards "high culture".
   - [In short: Bridle selectively skews the NA "anti-movement" (as he'd
   like 2 non-label it) while seeking 2 troll it back 2 life.
   #*Groan* <https://twitter.com/search?q=%23Groan&src=hash>]
   - [Hah! is this why Bridle's gone on his NA sulky rant: trying 2 drum up
   karma for a Vanity Fair NA puff piece complete with posed-faux-punk shots?]

*[Find the article under question here:

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