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Indoor fracking installation seeks to provoke debate - Guardian...

Model of fracking platform at Liverpool's Fact gallery recreates sounds, 
tremors and flames of real hydraulic fracturing operation.

It is one of the biggest, most polarising issues there is, but artists 
who have created an indoor fracking installation insist they are not 
trying to sway opinion either way.

"We want to create an emotionally engaging experience. People can then 
go away and come to their own conclusions," said Heiko Hansen, who with 
his partner, Helen Evans, has recreated the sounds, tremors and flames 
you would get from a fracking operation.

The process of fracking – or hydraulic fracturing – involves drilling a 
hole deep into the dense shale rocks that contain natural gas, then 
pumping in vast quantities of water mixed with sand and chemicals at 
very high pressure.

This opens up tiny fissures in the rock, through which the trapped gas 
can then escape.

Many shale deposits are buried under aquifers, and if the cement casing 
around the wellhole is not adequate, then the process of drilling and 
fracking can release the chemicals into the aquifer. Leaks of methane 
can occur, leading potentially to fires or explosions. Supporters of 
fracking say it is the only way of developing domestic gas supplies.

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