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Elvia Vasconcelos elvia.vasconcelos at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 10:38:55 CEST 2013

Hello NetBehaviour list,

I've susbcribed enthusiastically but I must say that this has not been an
easy ride. In one day I've received a bunch of emails and everytime I try
to do something about it, I try the yellow page. I stay on it as long as I
can see and I try and find where it says Change your subscription to daily,
weekly etc.. I enter my email and passwords again and an hour later I get a
new email.

Is there a reason why you decided for the yellow - bleed - eyes? Do you
want any help with this?


Elvia - I'm really trying!

On 19 June 2013 09:28, netbehaviour <netbehaviour at furtherfield.org> wrote:

> U.K.I. viral performance LIVE CODE LIVE SPAM
> LOCATION: N.K.  (52 Elsen Strasse, Berlin)
> Date: 23:00, June 29, 2013
> OPEN CALL for NOISE CODERS to join UKI viral performance at Open Sound
> Berlin 2013
> Presented by APO33
> with
> Shu Lea Cheang on viral attack
> Julien Ottavi  (aka the noiser) on grand mix
> &
> ++++++++++ NOISE CODERS
> U.K.I. live performance invites local (Berlin based) and OPEN SOUND
> BERLIN2013 participants of noise sound /free software genre to join us
> on a LIVE CODE LIVE SPAM viral trip!!!  As a sequel to Shu Lea Cheang's
> cyberpunk cult movie I.K.U. ,  the replicants of U.K.I. trade sex for
> codes, code sexing code in noise blast out, a virus is born and
> multiplied to eventually infect a city and take over the BioNet.
> We invite noise coders to plug in with own laptops/devices.
> Join us on a 90 minute non-stop hyper-jam session.
> Viralize the open sound Berlin, let's set Berlin under UKI viral attack!
> To join, please write to
> now at u-k-i.co
> with your website and online sample work
> UKI - a viral performance/viral game
> Shu Lea Cheang & Co.
> http://www.u-k-i.co
> UKI - performance documentation excerpts
> https://vimeo.com/37978993
> UKI Open Sound Berlin OPEN CALL
> http://vimeo.com/42255595
> APO33
> http://apo33.org
> N.K. Berlin
> http://www.nkprojekt.de/
> http://www.opensound.eu/
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> NetBehaviour at netbehaviour.org
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Elvia vasconcelos

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