[NetBehaviour] Transmittance #2.5 episode - live telematic online & offline hybrid performance, from Ljubljana

Luka Prinčič / Nova deViator nova at deviator.si
Thu Jun 20 18:56:59 CEST 2013

Hi network creatives!

we're doing this again, with slightly changed team then before.
perhaps this is of interest to you as a telematic multiway engaging
(interactive?) work. 

(sorry for ><, please >>)

This friday a specially selected team will engage on-line with _you_
who will select and suggest various scenes to performers, musicians,
programmers and visual artists. 

Transmittance is an interdisciplinary telematic framework, research and
performance. It explores collaboration which is local, global, networked
and broadcasted. It involves an artistic group of performers, visual
artists, musicians and computer programmers to research performative
possibilities of streaming, broadcasting and telepresence forging new
types of performance and audience. With focus on critical and
socially-aware artistic languages this work is based on asking
questions about body, self, technology and society - in an effort to
iniciate non-dualistic perspectives.

Please join us on a three-hour journey with a modern (HTML5) browser
(Firefox & Chrome preferred) Friday 21. june, 20:00 CET at
http://transmittance.emanat.si or on-site at MSUM, Ljubljana

with you will be the #2.5 live team: Loup Abramovici, Maja Delak,
Claudia Fancello, Matija Ferlin, Janez Janša, Luka Prinčič, Maja
Smrekar, Maja Šorli

Programming: Jakob Leben // Light design: Urška Vohar
Photography: Nada Žgank // Executive production: Saša Rakef 

see also:

Transmittance is produced by EMANAT institute
Co-produced by MG-LJ/MSUM.
Financial support: Ministry for culture of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana
contact: info at emanat.si

Luka Prinčič / Nova deViator 
+ 386-40-66-77-98
+ http://deviator.si
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