[NetBehaviour] “Up for Grabs”: Agency, Praxis, and the Politics of Early Digital Art.

netbehaviour netbehaviour at furtherfield.org
Fri Jun 21 14:27:12 CEST 2013

A quote from - Outsider Art: The Art Market's 'Cultural Capitalism' Moment.

"The irony of this is… well, beyond irony. There is a deep sense of 
self-cannibalism at the heart of reclaiming the autobiographical 
eccentricities of others. As the lucrative self-direction of the art 
market now casts it's eye over the purchase of collectable outsider art, 
and all its naive aesthetic principles, they cannot but be aware of the 
paradox within the trend itself. The recession-proof art market, 
self-knowingly creates inequality with one hand, whilst branching out of 
its self-constructed insular network with the other. Whilst it gobbles 
up, callow drawings from psychiatric patients and innocent pieces from 
batchelors for a tidy sum, the market simultaneously disgorges itself 
with folk, liberal, self-esteem. Clearly this is not an unprecedented 
trend, but the scale with which outsider art is being collected, 
exhibited and purchased in the last few months, as well as its public 
funded backing, certainly brings with it a large dose of incredulous 
cynicism." Robert Jackson.


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