[NetBehaviour] “Up for Grabs”: Agency, Praxis, and the Politics of Early Digital Art.

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Fri Jun 21 15:52:42 CEST 2013

On 21/06/13 13:27, netbehaviour wrote:
> A quote from - Outsider Art: The Art Market's 'Cultural Capitalism' Moment.
> "The irony of this is… well, beyond irony. There is a deep sense of
> self-cannibalism at the heart of reclaiming the autobiographical
> eccentricities of others.

Eating other people isn't *self*-cannibalism. ;-)

> the scale with which outsider art is being collected,
> exhibited and purchased in the last few months, as well as its public
> funded backing, certainly brings with it a large dose of incredulous
> cynicism.

Mediation by artists is no longer necessary in order to transform low 
into high. Folk art can be made into high culture directly by the 
application of sufficiently large sums of cash. Collectors and curators 
can do this directly, disintermediating high art and integrating its 
verticals. In doing so they perform high art's ideological function of 
confirming that the system can be seen to be working as it should, 
symbolically resolving its deficiencies.

This is art that is *managed* and that thereby has its value 
transformed, not by a Duchamp or a Koons but by one of the grown ups. 
Not artist as manager but manager as artist. It is one logical solution 
to the need to eliminate artists from the artworld as labour is 
eliminated from production elsewhere.

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