[NetBehaviour] Berlin June 27th at KW: Stephan Mathieu, Bj Nilsen, Philip Marshall

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*THURSDAY 27.06.2013 at KW*, Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststr. 69
10117 Berlin
*Doors 19:00 Concerts 20:00
FEED 062713 at KW presents:*



Curated by: Pierce Warnecke & Yair Glotmann
In collaboration with: Manuela Benetton

STEPHAN MATHIEU | The Falling Rocket*

The Falling Rocket is Stephan Mathieu's 10th full-length studio work
following 2011's highly acclaimed A Static Place album for 12k and his
recent collaborations with David Sylvian/Fennesz on Samadhisound, and
Robert Hampson/MAIN on Editions Mego. Here, Stephan performs a suite of
real-time arrangements on the Farfisa VIP 233 organ, a Hohner Electronium
and shortwave receiver. The recordings are densely layered into massive,
seemingly liquid fields of pure sound with the original instrument's voices
reduced to a vague afterglow. At times they're not unlike the overtone-rich
Walls Of Sound of Glenn Branca or Phill Niblock, with ghost choirs
appearing out of nowhere. Tracks like Teide 1 are among the most roaring
and brute pieces Mathieu has yet recorded, while there's also an almost
pastoral quietness in tracks like Deneb and the album as a whole is one of
his most accomplished works. Even though Mathieu uses tone clusters rather
than conventional melodies there's still a rich harmonic and hallucinatory
quality inherent to his compositions.

This is truly cosmic music, without a capital K.

For his performance, Mathieu premieres a piece for real-time processed
Electronium, an early analog synthesizer in the shape of an accordion,
developed in 1952 and featured extensively in Karlheinz Stockhausen's
groundbreaking pieces of process- and 'intuitive' music during the second
half of the 1960's. FEED will be equipped with a dedicated quad system by
Funktion One for this occasion.

BJ NILSEN | The Eye of the Microphone*

BJ Nilsen is a sound and recording artist. Primarily focused on the sound
of nature and its effect on humans, field recordings and the perception of
time and space as experienced through sound, often electronically treated.
He has worked as composer and sound designer for documentary film, theatre,
television and dance and performs his solo work regularly around the globe
creating an immersive and intimate soundworld.

For FEED 062713 Nocturne, BJ Nilsen will perform 'The Eye of the
Microphone' a surrealist audio portrait of London based on psycho geography
and acoustic flanerie as field practice.


*PHILIP MARSHALL* * | Tape Dj set*

Philip Marshall is a designer for print and digital media, living and
working between London and Berlin. He is a close collaborator with the
Touch/Ash International network, one third of 3-33.me and, since 2009,
curator of The Tapeworm. He also holds the high office of Minister of
Nothing in the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland.


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