[NetBehaviour] the vi * tracking of a certain device

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Mar 5 15:21:33 CET 2013

the vi * tracking of a certain device

hello, hello, you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hello,
you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hello, this you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
the hello, is hello, of beginning beginning and test beginning
test of and formation i'd i'd something add add something to
something it, to it, something means the in instead, in instead,
vi, in vi, i'm given i'm permanently permanently ability the
remain to within to structure the within certain within structure
a of certain a device, tracking thought from device, which
tracking or from device, which device, there no little there no or
no or escape; no it and this, is clause, escape offers that me
offers me offers that clause, choice, no cannot that allow cannot
freedom the _performative the would that word,_ change would
change world the - - only if only i only - if - longer longer
could escape, could bound bound longer other other marks, other
~and other what what what other have what have what marks, myself,
myself, to done, myself, language, to language, to o , , of he ,
ins from forma which forma processing; ly of ain ain racking
marks, her canno wha change _performa her wha this

* vi - unix/linux editor

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