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Hi Manik
I would have thought you both might have appreciated the impetus behind a BIG STATEMENT IN CAPITAL LETTERS ( in fact it was only when I read your reply that I realised that a big subconscious influence on the piece was..... M***K)

You're absolutely right to observe the amount of effort that went into it - it is a painting in addition to whatever else it is.

For the record I *do* think the status of Heidegger, as a huge influence on both artistic and philosophical discourse, remains an important and deeply problematic one.

From "everybody knows" it can be a short distance to "everybody forgets".

I don't think its anything to do with "forgiveness". The question of whether I ( or any one else for that matter) "forgive" Heidegger is neither here not there.

Lastly, I absolutely agree that Nazi ideology remains a terrible threat - there was a feature on Golden Dawn, the Greek Nazi outfit, on channel 4 news the other night in which one of their MPs openly talked, laughing, of taking the gold teeth out of the mouths of immigrants and making soap and lampshades of their skin.

your friend ( I hope)

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...We couldn't understand why we have in front of 
our eyes so hard labor to describe Heidegger nazi background  (source 
Wikipedia, thanks Annie! ). We don't  know educated man who haven't heard 
for that fact about his life and work. Is this  the fact who help us to 
think that history exist in shape we / but who are 'we'; one who are closse to 
power (?), or 'we' who fight agains nazi 60 years ago?/.We always get answer 
in  key of politics coretnes and closse eyes toward actual happening 
in EU? 
How came Bill Clinton have only part of one 
sentence considered his role in NATO war against Serbia 1999 / Main Subject 
- USA was lider, of course / in which  is just kind of observer.That's 
happened in same Wikipedia who describe Heidegger as 'fellow traveler' 
considered his role in nazi party ? How came Hana Arent forgiwe Heidegger 
but 'we' can't  forgive him? What's the reason 'we' re-actualise Hedegger's 
nazi membership? Is that cover of sad truth that nazism IS winer( after 60 years 
- yes! ) but it's wining ideology in West civisation 
/Bulgaria,Poland,Romania send huge number of workers in Germany and 
that's why they survive in EU /.That's only one examply in number of 
similar significant sign who give us correct diagram of  intercorses 
in EU. We know who is boss!
 Is there any goal /except conquare Rusia / 
they, nazi, didn't reach?  German is leading nation in Europe and 
their word is decisive for every question in economy in EU, and more .... 
So, Hedegger left us his philosophy and his 
politics wrong judgement, but nazi as active and liding ideology is live, 
rich and well ... MANIK ... MARCH ... 2013 ...
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Often I prefer paintings to words, not this time.


The relationship between the German philosopher Martin 
Heidegger and Nazism is a controversial subject.
Heidegger joined the Nazi Party (NSDAP) on May 1, 1933, ten days after being elected Rector of the University of Freiburg. A year later, in April 1934, he 
resigned the Rectorship and stopped taking part in Nazi Party meetings, but 
remained a member of the Party until its dismantling at the end of World War II. Heidegger had held high hopes of reforming the 
university system with the help of Nazism as a Conservative Revolution, but, by the end of the War, had 
become expendable and was even prevented from teaching. The denazification hearings immediately after World War II led to 
Heidegger's dismissal from Freiburg, banning him from teaching; after several 
years of investigation, the French military finally classified Heidegger in 1949 
as a Mitläufer or Nazi follower (Mitläufer : person who 
gives into peer pressure without participation nor resistance nor inner 
conviction, unlike a fellow 
traveler, literally "with-runner" similar to "lemming-like"). The teaching 
ban was lifted in 1951 and he was granted emeritus status 
in 1953, but he was never allowed to resume his philosophy chair. His 
involvement with Nazism and the relation between his philosophy and National 
Socialism are still highly controversial, especially because he never apologized 
nor expressed regret,[1] except privately when he 
called his rectorship and the related political engagement "the greatest 
stupidity of his life" (die größte Dummheit seines Lebens).[2]http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heidegger_et_le_nazisme

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