[NetBehaviour] hacked up

Simon Mclennan mitjafashion at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 7 19:34:36 CET 2013

Hacked open by day and hacked off by night
the open minded art strikers ramped
up their prices and
avenged all young traders in the city
crackling like a smoky twig of juicy gossip
rat infested bio-labs smelling of pocheen
drunken inmates throwing tiles almost lazily
from the roof of their Hoxton duplex
zoomed in easily with the right code
"God it felt good" as she completed the last asterisk and
implemented the code
all interested parties congregated at the start of the art walk
wan faced but ready to drop everything to chew some inner city  
dandelion leaves
token tank badges
video art and super 8 splatter shot lavatory sh*t art
tinned and too late 's bin auctioned
banned in Venezuela
bored in Brooklyn
corner of the book store on 70th and 2nd
abysmal lack of knowledge on the subject
never touched a computer
vagrant but savvy
soup tins lip service cubicle masticator of out of date sandwiches  
containing rocket
Turin Horse knowledge was sketchy - but showed a definite interest in  
the idea
no punctuation see
streaming down her cherubic face as she arranged the twigs in tower  
one of the twins
luckily wasn't there - probably - hopefully - no def wasn't there
we had supper two days after with the other British catwalk crew
with the
with the
smoke of them towers like a thick brine in the air
the twigs were elegant but were naught without the explanation see
wouldn't stand up see - literally - haw haw
canned heat canned cantaloup and
tinned beef from Argggenteeena
Yeah OK - not much savvy with the keyboard side
but the internals mate
wiring was an engineering problem
the techies lapped it up
along with their tarka daal and kingfisher
a strike of blue flame
under the stone bridge against the shiny black water
against the grainy oaks and beeches blonde and dappled evening late  
summer fires...


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