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...Lying belong to ethic area. Our director Emir Kusturica few days ago 
announce his new film about Kosovo Shiptars  / West prefer to call them 
''Albanians from Kosovo'' ... it's  bullshit like calling Croat - Serbs from 
Croatia (!) /and  crime they made by taking organs from live people, mostly 
Serbs and Romans,  and sold them abroad. In that short interview he said 
that Hollywood didn't make good film about ex Yugoslavia civil war because 
they based those films on lye ( films with R.Gere, A.Jolie ... for example 
... and several other less important). That's how art and lie make 
controversial, but very often political incorrect 'cooperation', or 
propaganda. Actually, lye in art is only arbitrary attempt to tell something 
about what's happened in past time no metter is story based on fact or on 
personal 'imagination'. Is there anybody who believe in every fact from 
story about Robin Hood? ... MANIK ... MARCH ... 2013 ...
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Hi y'all,

Here is a short thing I wrote on lying:

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