[NetBehaviour] Invite: Crisis Transition-- Inhabiting Nature and Technology

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Mon Nov 4 18:22:56 CET 2013

*Crisis Transition: Inhabiting Nature & Technology-- Manual Launch.*

(Key words: anthropology, broad technology, 
collectivism, resilience,sharing)

8th Nov.  Flossie 2013 @ London

The contects of the work may be summarized as follows:

Crisis Transition: Inhabiting Nature and Technology

Digital Manual launch at Flossie 2013

Date: 8th Nov

Time: 11.30 am- 5.30 am

Location: Queen Mary, University of London

Details: http://www.flossie.org/content/flossie-2013

Special Thanks: Flossie.org, Irational.org

ww = http://irational.org/waiwai

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