[NetBehaviour] Controversial New Project Uses Algorithm To Predict Art - Huffington Post

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Nov 5 17:53:05 CET 2013

Controversial New Project Uses Algorithm To Predict Art.

We’re all susceptible to FOMO, the dreaded Fear Of Missing Out.

Popularized by Sherry Turkle’s 2011 bestseller, Alone Together, the 
acronym refers to the uniquely alienating experience of scrolling 
through social media hubs like Facebook and feeling like everyone's 
doing things without you and before you.

But what if that same technology told you what to do before everyone 
else? That’s the premise of a futuristic new project, "The Fear Of 
Missing Out," by artist Jonas Lund. While Lund roots his experiment in 
art creation, his concerns are widely resonant: Can data be used to 
predict cultural flashpoints before we can? And if so, should we harness 
that power?

The project hinges on an algorithm designed by Lund. Using it, an artist 
can theoretically determine the ideal work to create at a given point in 
her career, before she’s thought of it herself.


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