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Hi Polie,
thanks for sharing!

I cannot imagine what this can possibly test!
Though it IS fun to imagine what magical insights it might uncover

It is a weirdly pleasurable interaction - created an unfamiliar dialogue 
in my head as I made choices. I think it could actually form the basis 
for some mind control tool.

: )

On 09/11/2013 19:05, Pollie Barden wrote:
> Hi All,
> My colleague and friend Henrik is in need of data for his colour crowd 
> sourcing app. So at your next FB/Pinterest/CandyCrush/Twtr/... break 
> if you could spend a couple of minutes and play with colour will be 
> zen and helpful.
> http://evocolour.net <http://evocolour.net/>
>  See details below.
> Cheers,
> Pollie
>  As those of you who have been anywhere near me in the past few 
> weeks/months will no doubt know, I have been bashing my skull putting 
> together a crowdsourcing study exploring colour preferences.
> So if yous have a moment, could you surf to:
> http://evocolour.net <http://evocolour.net/>
> And have a go!  The more you play with it, the more data I get and the 
> more you will further the knowledge of mankind! So feel free to do it 
> lots, it is quite a zen experience :)
> Naturally please let me know of any issues and bugs you come across.
> I'll monitor the system as yous use it, and assuming things don't fall 
> over horribly, I'll go on to invite the residents next week, and then 
> after that the rest of the world!
> In due course (assuming the system holds up to this soft launch), I'll 
> be looking to get as many people as possible involved in this study.  
> So if any of you are members of mailing lists or of relevant 
> communities that would be interested in this sort of thing, I will ask 
> a favour of yous to help me spread the word!
> If you are curious as to what is happening here is a wee blurb:
>> /
>> EvoColours is a project that seeks to exploit crowdsourcing (aka 'the 
>> wisdom of the crowds') to find how colour relationships relate to 
>> aesthetic preferences. When visitors come to the EvoColours website, 
>> they are presented with a series of pairs of images.  Each image 
>> consists of concentric circles of (up to 3) colours in varying 
>> proportions and patterns.  Users simply click on the image they 
>> prefer (with the option of 'no preference') for each pair presented. 
>> As this is done over and over, an evolutionary algorithm reinforces 
>> the properties of the popular images, and the unpopular images die 
>> off. A subsequent analysis of the evolved population will allow us to 
>> ask a number of questions;  are there certain colour combinations and 
>> patterns that are significantly accepted as more pleasing? If so what 
>> are the objective attributes of such colour palettes? The analysis 
>> may allow us to build a model linking (some attributes of) colour 
>> palettes to global aesthetic preference.
>> In EvoColours, each individual visitor drives two evolutions; a 
>> local  evolution that only they affect, and a larger global evolution 
>> that all visitors affect.  This provides us with the means of 
>> exploring how individual subjective aesthetic preferences might 
>> differ from global taste.  Is beauty truly in the 'eye of the 
>> beholder'? or are there objective attributes that will be preferred 
>> across the majority of people. Additionally user data such as gender 
>> and age will be used in the analysis (do girls really prefer pink?) 
>> We can also analyse preferences in/composition/; for instance, do 
>> users prefer regular patterns, or more chaotic, irregular patterns?  
>> Is there a preference for certain ratios/proportions in the amounts 
>> of colour presented, and how does this relate to the positions of 
>> these colours in colour space? /
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> "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."
> - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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