[NetBehaviour] torchwood

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Nov 13 10:59:30 CET 2013



repeating myself in the new land, the body unformed at first,
then something, i don't know, not exactly a default, a new new
body shape dominates, somewhere carrying these things around
with it. i've used these before, this is a way of staking a
claim in a space i still can't call my own, set my home here,
stake something out, homestead. so i don't sleep at night and
the horrors dominate again and i wish i could live forever in
this translucent land and there's almost no one else around, you
know this stuff, just a hint of dead sexuality, midnight or
twilight behaviors, the gone world, lost worlds - nothing edible
but it's - there's got to be some hope somewhere, if I were
there or you for example, what might i do - i'd be dead until
you came along and motivated me - the moments when nothing
happens, no one's around - they wouldn't be anything for me, not
even jumpcuts - i'd live in this space when you're there moving
the controls, talking - i'd have disappeared when you're doing
something else - me and my clumsy outfits - like a little flirt
in the midst of a graveyard -

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