[NetBehaviour] An artist recreated Blade Runner with 12, 000 water color paintings

Michael Szpakowski szpako at yahoo.com
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and from the sublime to the -well, not quite ridiculous, but the very, very modest -some students at Writtle did a related activity with the Reservoir Dogs trailer one afternoon last year. Lacks the oneiric sheen but has tons of energy & the collaborative thing made me happy:

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Subject: [NetBehaviour] An artist recreated Blade Runner with 12,    000 water color paintings

An artist recreated Blade Runner with 12,000 water color paintings

Artist Anders Ramsell animated Blade Runner by painting 12,597 different 
water color paintings and stringing them together into beautifully fluid 
sequences. It's incredible, you feel like you're watching Blade Runner, 
you get to hear Harrison Ford and follow the story but you're seeing it 
like never before—in moving art.


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