[NetBehaviour] CYNETart 2013 festival and MetaBody

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Wed Nov 20 20:04:18 CET 2013

hi everyone,

I should have sent this out last week before the CYNETart 2013 festival in Dresden/Hellerau [Germany] got under way,
but perhaps you heard about it already, and know about this annual exhibition, performance, and music event.

Together with Michèle Danjoux (DAP-Lab), we tried out a film-and-live-demo of some of the audiophonic garments and our concepts for sonic choreography for DAP's new production 
"for the time being/Victory over the Sun."  It was pretty interesting to show some film excerpts from the larger work at that festival:



and in the particular  "Metabody" context  (the costumes were shown on mannequin and one was also demo'ed by a Canadian dancer who volunteered to wear RedMicroDress (the second mannequin broke its wooden foot))...
The METABODY project is led by Jaime del Val/Reverso (Madrid) who along with us scripted  its philosophy and working method (we are about 12 associate partners, so the team is quite large, differentiated, and the organisation is complex,  stretching over 5 years): See:  http://www.metabody.eu/   and for Dresden see:  http://metabody.eu/conference2.htm

Johannes Birringer

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