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The 10th birthday of UpStage will be celebrated on 9-10 January 2014 
with three performances, a symposium on remote collaboration, a planning 
meeting and the launch of UpStage v3.

*/*The full programme is now online at 

Since 2004, artists and students around the world have collaborated via 
the internet to create real-time interactive performances 
(cyberformance) using the web-based platform UpStage. Annual festivals 
have involved hundreds of artists and thousands of audience members, and 
a strong community has developed. To celebrate ten years of UpStage, 
three new performances have been created; a networked symposium - 
between Wellington, Munich and other locations - will address remote 
collaboration; and a planning meeting will bring together key people to 
discuss possible futures for UpStage. **

_*UpStage v3*_

The third version of the UpStage software will be launched at the 
birthday celebrations. Incorporating full audio-visual streaming, new 
features and many enhancements, v3 has been developed by Martin 
Eisenbarth (Germany) and the UpStage student team at Auckland University 
of Technology (New Zealand). It is a significant leap forward for the 
software, not only in terms of features and usability but also in 
stability and documentation.

_*Three New Cyberformances*_

Five veteran cyberformers and their collaborators are busy creating 
three new works to be presented at the birthday celebrations: /Vita 
Cyberformativa/by Miljana Peric', /Balloon/by Petyr Veenstra, Floris 
Sirag and Gabriella Sacco, and a new work by Etheatre Project and 

Miljana Peric' first became involved in UpStage in 2006, and has 
presented work at all but one of the festivals. Her energetic and 
humorous shows blend theory with politics, and always have strong audio 
content, reflecting her background as a musician, ethnomusicologist and 
sound artist. The trio creating /Balloon/previously presented /A Plunge 
in the Pool/at the 121212 UpStage Festival and /Flat Earth/at 11:11:11. 
With backgrounds in theatre, visual arts and music, the group's shows 
are like audiovisual poetry, gradually unfolding stories through rich 
imagery and haunting text. Etheatre director and theatre researcher 
Christina Papagiannouli explores and discusses political issues through 
cyberformance. Previous work has addressed the Egyptian revolution (/The 
Cyberian Chalk Circle, /2011) and the Greek crisis (/Merry Crisis and a 
Happy New Fear/, 2012). For this new work, she has gathered an 
international group to develop a performance that uses internal European 
migration as a starting point.

_*The Networked Symposium*_

An online symposium addressing the topic of remote collaboration in 
cyberformance and networked performance will accompany the performances. 
Hosted by Signalraum (Munich) with guest speaker Annie Abrahams, the 
symposium aims to provide a space for reflection, discussion, and 
analysis. Audiences will be able to participate online as well as at the 
venues in Munich and Wellington. Remote presentations will be given by 
Isabel Valverde (Portugal) and Christina Papagiannouli (London).

_*The Planning Meeting*_

A meeting in Wellington and online will discuss the current situation of 
UpStage and plan for its sustainable future in an increasingly difficult 
economic climate.

*Surprise us with a birthday present for UpStage!*

*Donate here: *_*http://upstage.org.nz/blog/?page_id=278*__
_/(if you are a New Zealand tax payer, donations over $5 are tax 

*More information about the 10th Birthday: *_*www.upstage.org.nz 
*_*Contact: *_*info at upstage.org.nz*_ <mailto:info at upstage.org.nz>

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