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yeah man!
keep the web crap!

On 02/10/13 12:07, Philipp Teister wrote:
> DEATH of Glitch-Art
> DEATH of Fluxus
> DEATH of E-Culture
> Coffee&Cake 
> We don't need to bury a body, 
> we need to bury something else.
> Fluxus is some kind against bourgeois sickness,
> actually it is bourgeois and it's getting killed by itself.
> Professional commercialized culture of art imitation of artificial European art. 
> Mathematical in between -- for the sake of it -- because that is European.
> If your not European, you'll get your fucking drawing back.
> Get back to your own flow,
> your own revolution. 
> Genocite. It's a genocide because, we wanne make it part of our union.
> Because we are making a genocide in Bosnia when we are going to make it part of our union. 
> We're not talking about this. It's a taboo. Taboos are who we are now. 
> Flowing. 
> Out flow and in flown. 
> We are trying to get to certain tides to promote a reality. 
> But actually we re not flowing incorporating/dis-charching taboos.
> Right now we are making cultural and social realms, call it fluxus, it's a joke. 
> More important than the so called political revolutionaries that are following there hypes. 
> So then, we should burn down/outsource the structures of doing it yourself, 
> we have to take responsibility right now. In case of not facing the fear of being left behind. 
> Instead of privatizing someones intellectual property 
> we should make frameworks for non-economic exploitation
> and spontaneously nomadic deterritorialization. 
> Our Postmodern liberal mechanisms are being vanished. 
> We need to head out for the new horizon anew. 
> The new alternative, is about not to privatize, 
> and don't look for obligatory privatized sectors that 
> has been institutionalized by real property.
> Corporate number crunchers are just a structure of social disorder
> that can also be found in competition of evolved corporative not-groups, 
> that has been the pain in the ass for such a long time. 
> Frequently, individual success models depend on politely complex situation compromised goals. 
> This complexity is just a non-linear fashion and has to be changed over a time.
> It's the death of glitch-art, fluxus and e-culture.
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