[NetBehaviour] The Power of Sound as an Art Form

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Fri Oct 4 15:59:43 CEST 2013

The Power of Sound as an Art Form

The sounds of Indian activists chanting and reciting poems fill Tate 
Modern’s Project Space in London, part of Amar Kanwar’s “A Night of 
Prophecy” (2002). Nearby, Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s voice map, “Conflicted 
Phonemes” (2012), explores the influence of accent on Somali asylum 
seekers, offering a visual interpretation of their speech.

  The two works are part of the sound-art exhibition “Word.Sound.Power.” 
that, according to Tate Modern’s Web site, “takes a moment to listen to 
the harmony and dissonance of voices rising.”

Tate Modern is not alone in exploring art through the ears. “Sound art 
is having a moment right now,” Gascia Ouzounian, a lecturer at the Sonic 
Arts Research Center at Queen’s University Belfast, said by e-mail. “A 
wave of recent exhibitions has very much brought sound art to the 
attention of the wider public.”

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