[NetBehaviour] The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe Since 1945

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Thu Oct 10 12:34:57 CEST 2013

30th Council of Europe Exhibition
The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe Since 1945

The post-1945 works that will be presented at MOCAK show the social and 
political climate of contemporary Europe. Human rights, equality, 
democracy – such are the issues dealt with by the exhibition The Desire 
for Freedom, co-financed by the European Commission.

The exhibition The Desire for Freedom will present mainly video works 
made over the last five decades by 47 authors from 17 European 
countries. The exhibition is divided into 12 chapters that illustrate 
the multitude of artistic forms of expression and the topics covered: 
The Court of Reason, We Are the Revolution, A Journey to Wonderland, 
Darkness at Noon, The Reality of Politics, The Uncertainty of Freedom, 
99 Cents, A Hundred Years, Inhabitable Worlds, A Different Space, 
Self-experience – Testing the Boundaries, The World in Our Minds.

The presented works combine into a social and political landscape of 
contemporary Europe and the problems it’s grappling with. The 
exhibitions pose questions such as: how do individuals want to live? In 
what way do they want to come to terms with history? How do they behave 
faced with authoritarian regimes? The show demonstrates the ways in 
which artists expose social taboos. It also takes on board government 
politics and governments’ duty to provide security for their societies.


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