[NetBehaviour] Games Reflexions | Isabelle Arvers interviewed by Regine Debatty

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Thu Oct 10 16:42:48 CEST 2013

Games Reflexions | Isabelle Arvers interviewed by Regine Debatty

How much does the practice of video games affect our imagination? Are 
video games shaping our perception of reality or is it our perception of 
reality that shapes the imagination behind video games?

On the one hand, the move from 2D image to 3D image in video games has 
accelerated the race to ultra-realism. Ironically, reality has been lost 
in the process. By striving to mimic reality, 3D images become hyper 
realistic, they are slick and clean to the point of looking almost 
unreal. A game supposed to reflect life ends up proposing only a 
constructed reflect of life. This reflection, in turn, influences the 
way we see and imagine our surrounding.

On the other hand, we've been observing a revival of pixelated, ASCII, 
Cubist or simply geometric games. They give more room for imagination 
and reflection, as if the mind could fill the spaces between the pixels, 
the voids, the geometric shapes.


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