[NetBehaviour] Why Microsoft Word (and Adobe) must Die

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Mon Oct 14 23:30:41 CEST 2013

On 14/10/13 12:44 PM, Eduardo Valle wrote:
> Microsoft must die ?

Preferably, but in this case it's specifically Microsoft Word, a
specific piece of software originally created for the Macintosh.

Stross explains the aesthetic and ethical problems with Word quite
clearly. It has a poorly thought out document model due to executive
marketing decisions, and forms a monopoly on document exchange that has
killed many more promising developments.

Given this, its ongoing dominance is undeserved and an end to it would
be beneficial.

> If you are now saying that thanks to the popularization of the
> "personal" computers by enterprises such IBM, Microsoft and Apple ...
> Do you want Adobe to die to ?
> Maybe it should ...

It is.

Flash is gone and Free alternatives to Creative Suite are becoming less
painful all the time. Adobe's copies of software from Xerox and Quantel
really have had their day.

> Do you want the Gimp and others that emulates Adobe and Microsoft to die
> too ?
> The problem is that computers want to emulate paper ? Why ? And why the
> GUis are so shitty ?

If the problem is the paradigm of office productivity applications then
possibly. Gimp et al have a different moral and affordative character
from Word or PhotoShop however.

> Software is a product or a service ? In that sense all the products are
> quite bad ...

It depends how it is used. SaaS is a thing, as is the subscription model
Adobe and Microsoft are desperate to move to.

> Computers Programmers must think about Workshops on Customizing Programs ...

Yes that's a very positive step. As is using software the user is Free
to modify all the way down.

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