[NetBehaviour] A Conversation between Edward Snowden and UBERMORGEN

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Tue Oct 15 11:59:48 CEST 2013

Do You Think That's Funny?

A Conversation between Edward Snowden and UBERMORGEN

We met Edward Snowden at Vienna's International Airport in Vienna on 
July 2nd, 2013 shortly after Bolivia's presidential aeroplane, having 
been denied the right to cross their respective airspaces by France, 
Spain, Italy and Portugal, was forced to land in Schwechat. Snowden had 
been on board as a guest of Evo Morales.

Shortly after the arrival of the plane, a close friend of ours, who 
works at the airport, tipped us off. It took us less than thirty minutes 
to grab our stuff and arrive by cab. Our friend guided us through 
airport security into a rather filthy office area in the former main 

We found Edward Snowden in a small, stuffy, neon-lit room, where he 
seemed to have been deposited like a questionable parcel that nobody 
wanted to touch or knew what to do with. After our initial hello and how 
are you's, Edward described the rather strained behaviour of the 
Austrian Authorities. He said they seemed to go out of their way in 
order not to have to talk to him: they wanted to keep their record clean 
and stay 'neutral'.

Historically, having served as an intelligence hub between East and 
West, Austria has a record of facilitating secret service meetings that 
few other countries can match,. We were quite astonished that there were 
no OGA's in the room with Mr. Snowden, so we grabbed the opportunity and 
started to talk with him. He immediately lighted up and actually seemed 
happy to see a couple of friendly faces. We spoke quietly but fast since 
we had no idea how much talking-time we had left.


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