[NetBehaviour] Why Microsoft Word (and Adobe, HP, Google, Intel)) must Die

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Wed Oct 16 07:47:15 CEST 2013

On 14/10/13 11:34 PM, Eduardo Valle wrote:
> Finally they are moving from USA , but to where  ? and why to those
> places ? Where are located the servers ?
> To Brasil ? A country number 65o of the world in digital acess ? With no
> national plan for wide internet acess all over the country with low
> rates ? Without supporting the Aerospatial program, without satellitte ?

There's a difference between the existence of a resource and the freedom
to use it. Let them eat cake, etc. Access to a less free Internet is
less good than access to a more free Internet.

This is not one dimensional, and that dimension is not access.

> Remember to talk about that if the Conference is here in Rio de Janeiro.
> What did the Brazilian Defense Minister during the cyber attacks ??? And
> the National Intelligent Agency ? (Abin) It is a very easy  position to
> blame the others ...

It is. But it's much less easy to move away from American domination of
the Internet, and that this is happening is an unprecedented shift.

> Most of the Internet Administration in Brasil  is in a Foundation of a
> President that was a Dictator in Brasil, how that ? When i was acessing
> Internet in the 90s before www, it was in the hands of one of the most
> respectfull Ngo from Brasil.

That is disturbing. Is there anything that people outside Brazil can do
about this?


If ICANN is a problem (and many people believe that it is) there are
alternatives. We can use those and work for reform.

> You surrounded by monopolies and still think you are f(r)ee ???

I'm implicated in many economic and moral problems, the same as everyone
else. To the extent that the software I use can be used and modified
without unjust restriction, that is a rare area of freedom. If anyone is
naive enough to think that is anywhere near enough I've not met them.

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