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HI All,

I met them at Maker Faire and looks like they finally launched. So sharing
a uk based pcb boardmaker.


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Ragworm] <http://email.pillorybarn.co.uk/t/r-l-njifn-jkuyljsuh-r/>  [image:
Low cost PCBs - No tooling
What is Ragworm?]    Ragworm™ is a low cost PCB prototyping service used by
PCB professionals, hobbyists, designers and makers worldwide.

Ragworm™ PCBs are manufactured in the UK on a 10 day delivery service
with no tooling, testing or shipping costs. The price you see on screen is
the price you pay.

Our unique Orange Ragworm™ PCBs are manufactured using ROSHH compliant
materials and to IPC specifications. Ragworm™ PCBS are fully
bare board tested before shipping and there are no delivery costs.

As well as being the ultimate solution for your prototyping needs, Ragworm™
was conceived to help the PCB community grow, Our website is still very
new, we will continually develop this so that you can discuss inspiring
projects and spark off each other's creativity whilst sharing knowledge and
technical know-how.

*To find out more and join the Ragworm™ community visit our website now at
www.ragworm.eu* <http://email.pillorybarn.co.uk/t/r-l-njifn-jkuyljsuh-j/>
   *When ordering with Ragworm™ we will send you a free gift as a thank you.
*       [image: Get started... use the Ragworm price calculator to place
your order today!]   *Click here to place your
   [image: Quality Guarantee]  At Ragworm™, quality is not just about
meeting the approvals of the industry. It
is about surpassing them and improving
to ensure that the products and services supplied meet the needs and
expectations of our community.  [image: IPC, EIPC, ICT]  IPC Printed
Board Standards European Printed
Board Standards     [image: Stickleback Manufacturing - Manufacturers of
Ragworm PCBs] <http://email.pillorybarn.co.uk/t/r-l-njifn-jkuyljsuh-i/>
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