[NetBehaviour] Bypassing Cartography- part 1

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Mon Oct 21 15:35:30 CEST 2013

Bypassing Cartography- part 1

Marc Garrett interviews Isabelle Arvers about the AntiAtlas of Borders 
project. Control systems along land, sea, air and virtual state borders 
are the subject of work and mutation for scientists, artists, 
filmmakers, performers, hackers, customs agents, and workers in the 
surveillance industries and the military.

This is the first of two interviews with Isabelle Arvers who has 
collaborated with the IMERA team (the Mediterranean Institute for 
Advanced Research of Aix-Marseille University), to curate this expansive 
and dynamic project. The first interview discusses the operational side 
of the project and the next interview examines selected writings, 
artworks, projects and ideas featured as part of the project.


More About the AntiAtlas of Borders project

Isabelle Arvers is an independent author, critic and exhibition curator. 
She specializes in the immaterial, bringing together art, video games, 
Internet and new forms of images by using networks and digital imagery. 
She has organized a large number of exhibitions in France and overseas 
(Australia, Canada, Brazil, Norway, Italy, Germany) and collaborates 
regularly with the Centre Pompidou and French and international 
festivals. http://www.isabellearvers.com/

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