[NetBehaviour] DVblog back for two weeks

Edward Picot edward at edwardpicot.com
Tue Oct 22 19:24:06 CEST 2013

I don't know if anybody else is looking at these - and I suppose I'm 
prejudiced, because I know there's going to be a piece of mine in there 
- but I've just looked at the first two, and they really are worth 
seeing. If the rest of this short season is going to be anything like 
this standard, it's going to be a real treat.

It's early to be rushing to conclusions, but it's interesting how hi-res 
these two are. Lustrous picture-quality, good clear audio. Is this a 
reflection of the fact that everyone's got broadband, and 
high-definition is no longer likely to stop your internet browser in its 
tracks, or that many of the makers of experimental video have been at if 
for a while now and acquired a lot of expertise, or that they're taking 
themselves a bit more seriously and trying to produce high-quality stuff 
which is gallery-ready? I daresay we'll see pieces which are more 
rough-and-ready later on in the series.

Anyway, it's great stuff. I think the "short season" is a good format 
for DVblog.

- Edward

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