[NetBehaviour] Why Microsoft Word (and Adobe, HP, Google, Intel)) must Die

Eduardo Valle dudavalle at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 25 03:39:26 CEST 2013

Rob , first let me say you are a very good selector , nice links.

But your kind of "funny ironic" answers ... some might say is CYNIC and we know that some persons fell confortable in that situation ...

And the worst is the silence of the others members of the list, that is also syntomatic ...

1) Try to say to a British citizen in the 21st century that only 30% of the population has access to internet ?And that access is very expensive ??? So, be a little more serious on that subject , IT IS AN ABSURD !! No matter if it is "free" or not, because thats another discussion. But worst is a president that blame the others to appear as a "rebel" ... 


2) Tell a British citizen that his aerospatial program do not exist ??? Maybe is more easy to be """"free"""" with a aerospatial program like that  ... 

3) Tell a British citizen that the Internet is his country is dominated by an ICANN filliated that is a foundation of an ex dictator  ?

4) I am being very objective again, WHO WILL DETAIN THE DOMAIN CONTROL AND WHY ON IPV 6 ??? Nobody in the list knows that ? Who are deciding that in each field ?

5) F(r) ee ,  try to think on a  philosophical level, on a consumer level, on an technological level ... and we are not even talking about FINAZISM ... 

6) IPV6 is a provisory solution , what is being thought in that sense ??? 

6) If ICANN servers will move, will move to where ?????

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> Subject: Re: [NetBehaviour] Why Microsoft Word (and Adobe, HP, Google, Intel)) must Die
> On 14/10/13 11:34 PM, Eduardo Valle wrote:
> > 
> > Finally they are moving from USA , but to where  ? and why to those
> > places ? Where are located the servers ?
> >
> > To Brasil ? A country number 65o of the world in digital acess ? With no
> > national plan for wide internet acess all over the country with low
> > rates ? Without supporting the Aerospatial program, without satellitte ?
> There's a difference between the existence of a resource and the freedom
> to use it. Let them eat cake, etc. Access to a less free Internet is
> less good than access to a more free Internet.
> This is not one dimensional, and that dimension is not access.
> > Remember to talk about that if the Conference is here in Rio de Janeiro.
> > 
> > What did the Brazilian Defense Minister during the cyber attacks ??? And
> > the National Intelligent Agency ? (Abin) It is a very easy  position to
> > blame the others ...
> It is. But it's much less easy to move away from American domination of
> the Internet, and that this is happening is an unprecedented shift.
> > Most of the Internet Administration in Brasil  is in a Foundation of a
> > President that was a Dictator in Brasil, how that ? When i was acessing
> > Internet in the 90s before www, it was in the hands of one of the most
> > respectfull Ngo from Brasil.
> That is disturbing. Is there anything that people outside Brazil can do
> about this?
> If ICANN is a problem (and many people believe that it is) there are
> alternatives. We can use those and work for reform.
> > You surrounded by monopolies and still think you are f(r)ee ???
> I'm implicated in many economic and moral problems, the same as everyone
> else. To the extent that the software I use can be used and modified
> without unjust restriction, that is a rare area of freedom. If anyone is
> naive enough to think that is anywhere near enough I've not met them.
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