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The dancing robot is amazing!

On 25 October 2013 11:01, ruth catlow <ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org> wrote:

>  For any Netbehaviourists with access to West London- this is certainly
> one to drop everything for.
> It would be worth it just for Paul Granjon- if you don't believe me check
> this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0aoxC18JgM
> : )
> Ruth
>  Dear Friends and Colleagues
>  I hope you can join us at Watermans from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd
> November for our Digital Art & Performance Weekender exploring directions
> and collaborations in performance, dance, sound, technology and more!
>  You can find the full programme at this link and below:
> http://www.watermans.org.uk/exhibitions/exhibitions/digital-art--performance-weekender.aspx
>  Please note, there are free tickets for the Friday New Work Sharing for
> students/universities on a first come, first served basis. Let me know if
> you would like to reserve.
>  All the best
> Irini
> *Addictive TV
> Media Remix Set, Friday 1 Nov, Bar 21.45 FREE
> Orchestra of Samples, Premiere Saturday 2 Nov, Theatre 20.00, £10
> (includes ticket for Hidden Fields by dS)
> *Electronic duo and audio/video artists Addictive TV will present two
> different shows. As well as bringing their dynamic audiovisual media remix
> set to Watermans, we’re proud to present the World premiere of their new
> project ‘Orchestra of Samples’ - an ambitious AV delight based on
> sampling recording sessions the duo filmed with more than 100 musicians
> around the world, fusing all manner of styles and instruments.Â
> www.addictive.tv
> *Best of Z Lab live! Paul Granjon
> Friday 1 November, Bar 20.00 FREE
> *Granjon's performances combine raw entertainment involving
> computer-controlled devices and home-made musical instruments with thoughts
> about humans, animals and technology. The performance kit, which fits in a
> large suitcase, will feature amongst other things a robotic bird, Mofo the
> disco dancing robot, and the latest development of a sustainably powered
> performance machine.Â
> www.zprod.org
> *NEW WORK SHARING: Friday 1 Nov, Theatre 17.00-19.30, £5
> *This event will bring together a group of artists and performers to
> present and share new work and ideas, including Bodies of Planned
> Obsolescence &Waste Circuits by Dani Ploeger exploring digital performance
> and the global politics of e-waste, Chisato Minamimura’s findings on how
> technology can enhance the experience of deaf audiences,
> light/organ/unloaded by Francis Marion Moseley Wilson, HUMAN by Haein Song
> and more.
> *Hidden Fields, dS
> Saturday 2 November, Theatre 21.30, £10 (includes ticket for Addictive
> TV’S Orchestra of Samples)
> *Multi-award winning digital dance performance Hidden Fields is a
> high-impact and accessible show using rigorous methods from theoretical
> physics and state-of-the-art computing interpreting dancers as energy
> fields whose movement creates ripples and waves in an invisible sea of
> energy. ds and Hidden Fields are supported by the University of Bristol,
> Arts Council England, the Watershed (Bristol), the Pervasive Media Studio
> (Bristol), NVIDIA, and EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research
> Council).Â
> http://danceroom-spec.com
> *The Witches Cauldron, **RIFT*
> *Friday 1 & Saturday 2 November, **Terrace, **FREE*
> Serving a mixture of hot drinks, intrigue and magic 'The Witches Cauldron'
> is an immersive portal, a tear in time and space, the last watering house
> on the border of fact and fiction.
> *DMT
> Saturday 2 Nov, Bar 19.00 FREE
> *DMT is Marco Donnarumma, Christos Michalakos, and Atau Tanaka, a trio of
> visceral electronic musicians that interface corporeal gesture and physical
> gesture with pulsing electronic noise. Donnarumma plays the Xth Sense
> biosphysical muscle contraction sensor system to sonify the performer's
> body. Tanaka runs granular synthesis algorithms on the iPhone, and
> Michalakos plays the Augmented Drum-Kit, a bespoke electroacoustic
> instrument based on the acoustic drum-kit. Together they create a wall of
> sound that is live technological thrill.
> Â
> *Motèl Mari
> Saturday 2 Nov, Bar 18.30 FREE
> *Motèl Mari are João Orecchia, Mpumelelo Mcata and Tshepang Ramoba,
> from Johannesburg. They play songs with guitars and banjos and synthesizers
> and noise and drums. At Watermans they will stage a site specific
> performance on homemade circuits, feedback loops and pedals.
> www.motelmari.com, www.joaoorecchia.com
> Saturday 2 Nov, Bar 18.00 FREE
> *In this 10-minute piece Davide Della Casa and Guy John will delight the
> audience with mesmerising code-generated visuals and sounds using the
> LiveCodeLab online live-coding software, where short snippets of code turn
> on-the fly in fantastic images and tunes.
> *Firefly - a game of dark intentions, Pollie Barden and Chloe Varelidi
> Saturday 2 Nov, Parking 17.00-20.00 FREE
> *Play in the DARK!!
> A tagging game that explores temporal memory, and exploits the balance of
> collaboration and competition. The action takes place at night.Â
> www.fireflygame.com
> *Children's Theatre:Â **Half Moon presents*
> *Misunderstood Monsters & site-specific digital game
> Sunday 3 Nov, Theatre 15.00 £6.50
> *Saint Georgie, a professional monster catcher and his faithful sidekick,
> Squeezy, are on their most dangerous mission yet. When earth is threatened
> by tiny Scoodlefug aliens, Georgie is forced to question who the real bad
> guys are and may just need the audience to come to the rescue!Â
> www.halfmoon.org.uk
> *
> *Falling into place
> Gretchen Schiller, Jonathan McCree & Helen Paris. Produced by Philippa
> Barr
> Friday 1 & Saturday 2 Nov, Studio 1 from 13.00
> Sunday 3 Nov, Studio 1 13.00 – 17.00
> FREE, booking required                                 Â
> Â  Â  Â  Â  Â  Â  Â  Â  Â  Â  Â  Â  Â  Â  Â  Â
> *An intimate 15‐minute guided sound and video installation, where
> participants are invited to touch, catch and hold the traces of place with
> different custom designed audiovisual furniture environments. Supported by
> Université Stendhal-Grenoble, Brunel University and the France‐Stanford
> Grant.Â
> www.gretchen-schiller.org
> Â
> *enter13 - Aisyah Ajib, Pradeep Balasubramanian, Kabir Kanabar, Radha
> Mistry, Mitra Saboury, Ayesha Singh, Bindi Vora, Rebecca Vafiadis with
> Nadia Ahdout, Seulbi Lee and Krishnan Vijayaraghavan
> 31 October 2013 – 5 January 2014, Gallery, FREE
> *Watermans' annual exhibition showcasing the emerging talent in the field
> of digital art, design and media production. Â This year's exhibition
> includes innovative work ranging from interactive installation, film,
> architecture and environments, photography and sculpture.
> Â
> *Cave of Sounds - Tim Murray-Browne with Borja Alexandre, Dom Aversano,
> Sus Garcia, Wallace Hobbes, Daniel Lopez, Tadeo Sendon, Panagiotis Tigas,
> Kacper Ziemianin
> Friday 1 – Saturday 2 Nov, Bar from 12.00, FREE
> Sunday 3 Nov, Bar 12.00 – 17.00, FREE
> *Experiment and play in an interactive sound installation through a
> circle of networked instruments, and discover the connections that form
> between you and others when you create music together. Created through
> Sound and Music's Embedded Composer in Residence programme with the Music
> Hackspace. With support from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Arts
> Council England.
> http://caveofsounds.com
> Â
> *Soundmirrors - Rob Olins with soundtrack by Douglas Benford
> Wednesday 23 October – Saturday 23 November, Riverside, FREE
> *An environment of sound illusions, Soundmirrors comprises a series of
> acoustic mirrors and speakers that are arranged in such a way as to create
> a soundscape through which the audience can navigate. Douglas Benford has
> created a soundtrack of local Brentford environs - urban and natural -
> specifically designed to work with this installation.Â
> www.robolins.com, douglasbenford.org.uk
> *Unfoldings - Mike Blow
> Friday 1 – Sunday 3 Nov, around the building, FREE
> *Unfoldings explores the relationship between sound art and physical
> objects. The show considers ways in which we co-perceive the audible and
> the visible and how forms and details unfold in time.
> http://www.evolutionaryart.co.uk/
> *Psychasthenia 2 - Psychasthenia Studio (Joyce Rudinsky and Victoria
> Szabo)
> Friday 1 – Sunday 3 Nov, Studio 2, FREE
> *Interactive artwork that explores the culture of psychological diagnosis
> & treatment within the context of a highly mediated consumer culture that
> often produces the ills it purports to treat. In this game engine based
> piece we ask how might we conceptualize our inner lives as a game in which
> lived experience is understood as a series of "levels" to be achieved,
> playing on the recent media popularity of "gamification" as a life
> strategy.Â
> http://psychasthenia-studio.com/psychasthenia2.html
> No programming experience required
> Saturday 2 Nov, Bar 16.00 & 17.00 sessions, FREE
> *Live-coding is the most expressive and fun form of programming, and
> LiveCodeLab prides itself to be the zero-set-up, most accessible and the
> most fun-looking live coding software in town.
> Bring your laptop with a modern browser and after a brief tutorial, you'll
> learn how to create fantastic visuals and catchy rhythms.Â
> http://www.sketchpatch.net/livecodelab/index.html
> *INTERZONE THEATRE: Chronomotive, Joel Cahen
> Friday 1 – Sunday 3 Nov, around Watermans, **FREE*
> *Please see signs for starting point
> *Requires smartphone running the free Android or iPhone app Interzone
> Theatre and a pair of closed-cup headphones.
> A rare disorder enables the protagonist to experience the place s/he is
> in, in a different time. But when Past and Future events start to mix up,
> the Present becomes a luxury.
> Interzone Theatre is a portal to a parallel reality, unveiling a layer of
> narrative that is superimposed on the streets, waterways, parks and
> interior spaces of the city. In this exploratory theatrical experience, the
> city itself is the mise-en-scène, and passersby are unwitting extras in an
> intricate psychogeographic journey. App powered by Mobile Explorer.Â
> www.interzonetheatre.com
> Â
> *JUPITER STAR AXIS video, La Horrox
> Additional sound mix: Joel Cahen
> Friday 1 – Saturday 2 Nov, Cinema, FREE
> *A celestial film which shows an unborn foetus of the artist moving
> within his amniotic world mapped by a constellation of stars.  Each  star
> plays a part of a sonic composition, when its co-ordinates are changed by
> the movements of the foetus. Comprised from manipulated recordings of the
> artist’s baby afterbirth, the composition uses surround sound and is
> heard as if from the perspective of the foetus.
> www.lahorrox.comÂ
>  --
> Irini Papadimitriou
> Head of New Media Arts Development
> Watermans
> 40 High Street
> BrentfordÂ
> TW8 0DS
> Â
> Direct line:Â +44 (0)20 8232 1012
> Admin:Â +44 (0)20 8232 1020
> Â
> www.watermans.org.uk
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