[NetBehaviour] The strange tale of Rhizome and its Arts Council funding

netbehaviour netbehaviour at furtherfield.org
Wed Oct 30 16:08:42 CET 2013

The strange tale of Rhizome and its Arts Council funding

"Rhizome's Seven on Seven event took place last weekend at the Barbican 
in London. Bringing artists and technologists together, it was the first 
event on British soil for the digital arts organisation and was 
sponsored by a number of organisations including Wieden + Kennedy.

Why and how Rhizome required Arts Council funding for the event, 
however, was opened up in a series of supposedly leaked emails, released 
over the weekend.

A Twitter account was set up called @jiggawebz93 by a person who remains 
anonymous, and the account has since been suspended. The account appears 
to have been created to leak information about Rhizome's application to 
Arts Council England (ACE), with the account owner claiming to have 
hacked into Rhizome's email and web CMS."

Here is the link to the rest of the article on the matter.

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