[NetBehaviour] The strange tale of Rhizome and its Arts Council funding

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Hi Ana,

I think you are right - however, there are more contextual questions 
that Paul asks which kind of hint towards a more institutional & 
colonial aspect of what is going on.

My judegment is still out on this & I'm wondering who the hacker was & 
what his or her motive was?

wishing you well.


> I dont understand the discussion, digital art and technologies are 
> breaking boundaries and showing they can make bridges and innovative 
> networks. Why should not Rhizome be able to apply for EU-support? I 
> am  against all support based on national or regional bases.
> Ana
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> wrote:
>     The strange tale of Rhizome and its Arts Council funding
>     "Rhizome's Seven on Seven event took place last weekend at the
>     Barbican
>     in London. Bringing artists and technologists together, it was the
>     first
>     event on British soil for the digital arts organisation and was
>     sponsored by a number of organisations including Wieden + Kennedy.
>     Why and how Rhizome required Arts Council funding for the event,
>     however, was opened up in a series of supposedly leaked emails,
>     released
>     over the weekend.
>     A Twitter account was set up called @jiggawebz93 by a person who
>     remains
>     anonymous, and the account has since been suspended. The account
>     appears
>     to have been created to leak information about Rhizome's
>     application to
>     Arts Council England (ACE), with the account owner claiming to have
>     hacked into Rhizome's email and web CMS."
>     Here is the link to the rest of the article on the matter.
>     http://www.imperica.com/en/news/the-strange-tale-of-rhizome-and-its-arts-council-funding
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