[NetBehaviour] The strange tale of Rhizome and its Arts Council funding (better version)

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Oct 30 18:10:11 CET 2013

Hi Ana,

I have been thinking about this a lot today,

The article itself on emprica and the hacking was interesting. But I'm 
not sure who this really serves.

We live in strange, horrible & difficult neo-liberal times - and if 
anything happens that brings about possible forms of emancipation beyond 
the branding of the more highly marketed, mainstream art culture 
dominating this world, I'm happy with that - the more the merrier.

I do not know how it all went at the Barbican with Rhizome on the day. I 
hope it all went well :-)

If we deconstruct too much what other individuals & groups are doing 
without looking at the bigger picture, we are in danger of being 
oppositional with the wrong things for the wrong reasons. And creating 
the conditions of what the left (in the UK) used to do a lot, which was 
pull each other down and lose sight of the greater issues that they 
could collaborate on, and collectively critique.

I may have misgivings regarding Rhizome's past antics with its 
relationship with its community in the early days, but I actually like 
their current articles & not everyone should be the same as each other 

Furtherfield also gets funding from the Arts Council and we are trying 
to find other avenues of income to survive. I'm not going to have a go 
at them, when we have been supported by them to do all the great stuff 
we do.

Yes, the Arts Council did cut the arts, and it was sad to see groups 
like Mute, Access Space & many others lose their funding - which I am 
still unhappy about to this day. However, the motives behind these cuts 
were imposed by the current libcondem government who through their shock 
and awe strategy of blaming the people for the bankers crisis, decided 
to hurt others with austerity cuts which is shameful, of course.

I would hate to be put in the position to deciding these things. 
sometimes, we can view things too simply and react too quickly.

And I don't mean you Ana, I mean 'myself' & others.

wishing you well.



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