[NetBehaviour] Why Microsoft Word (and Adobe, HP, Google, Intel)) must Die

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Wed Oct 30 21:24:29 CET 2013

On 29/10/13 05:32 PM, Eduardo Valle wrote:
> Try to avoid despair ...
> You didnt understand or You are again being CYNIC ? I hope not ... As I
> hope that too from the others Members of the list ... But it is prove
> ... As Far as i know everybody was work to do ...

I am very, very cynical. Especially about cynicism.

> Do You think a British Citizen Will accept a country without a
> aerospatial program, i mean to very clear to You, Brasil is one of
> the  countries  without even a sattelite ... And remember G8 or G7 or
> G20 there are more than 200 countries in the World ...

Oh I see. Well, many of our citizens bank in Switzerland or have
corporations in small island nations. None of which are exactly nuclear

> IPV6 is provisional Yes or no ???? , If there is an exponential  grow of
> the net there Will be no space, because i hope also that You as a
> specialist knows that the Internet is a space with a limited  space ...

IPv6 has a much larger address space than IPv4:




There are approximately 10^80 atoms in the universe [actually hydrogen
atoms worth of matter by current estimates]. Or:


There are 2^128 available IPv6 addresses. Or:


So That falls considerably short of every atom in the universe having
its own IP address. We'd need more than:


times more IP addresses to reach that goal.

The Internet Of Things will fill IPv6's address space more quickly than
usage by computers and mobile devices alone would. ISOC seem confident



IPv6's address space is certainly being hyped relative to IPv4 (see
above), but there are critics of this (see above) and I think most
people know the range is finite.

> Are the specialists AVOIDING in saying Who is going to Control each
> knowledge domain ???

Do you mean tlds? I'd guess the scheme will be the same.

> WHO ARE THEY ??? NAMES , AGAIN NAMES , TELL WHO IS WHO in that new Control.

At present, same as the old control.

> Is the interview with Firefox CENSORED by the list , because it was in
> portuguese or because it was questioning the so called Open and free
> praticsed by The Google Imperium  ?

I would guess that many people on-list don't speak Portuguese. My father
didn't teach me Portuguese, but I do paste interesting-looking documents
into Google Translate.

In this case I agree that Android is only "so called" Open. Replicant
and FDroid address this. With regards to the article, Mozilla (who I
respect greatly) are also based in Mountain View and are producing
another App Store-based OS.

App Stores are, with apologies to the excitable young activist who once
accused me of being basically Hitler for arguing this, not good for user

> Funny the approval of the last message took very long, compared to
> others ... Very funny !

I don't think netbehaviour list submissions require approval ordinarily.

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