[NetBehaviour] No Patent Pending, self-made performative media.

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Dec 18 22:24:10 CET 2014

dear all

just returned from Amsterdam where a member, Dieter Vandoren, of the iii gave me the book mentioned below,
and it is truly beautifully conceived and released, as a special print of (random order) cards of strong writing and images
- well worth looking at, I recommend it,.

Johannes Birringer

To: NetBehaviour for networked distributed creativity
Subject: [NetBehaviour] No Patent Pending, self-made performative media.

No Patent Pending, self-made performative media.


Ewen Chardronnet
Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand
Lars Kynde
Alessandro Ludovico
Matteo Marangoni
Jonathan Reus
Joel Ryan & Kristina Andersen
Dieter Vandoren
Anne Wellmer
Godfried-Willem Raes
Yolanda Uriz

How to convey ephemeral, performative practices based around unique and
inventive media within the fixed and standardized format of a book?

This publication by iii presents itself as a large pack of cards that
the reader is invited to explore. The cards are shuffled at random,
forcing intruders to reverse engineer its sorting algorithm.  Each
individual copy of the book was manually assembled following a
procedural score composed by Lars Kynde and performed by iii.

Contributions range from theoretical essays to poetic exercises with
text and image reflecting a wide range of practices seeking radically
subjective approaches to media in performance. DIY media technologies,
avant-garde music rituals, artistic-scientific hybrids, idiosyncratic
new instruments, speculative business approaches, phenomenological
investigations, open-source and feminist perspectives on digital culture
are all present here as part of a cut-up treatise on media less traveled.

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