[NetBehaviour] drone music

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Sat Feb 1 01:06:54 CET 2014

On 31/01/14 02:54 PM, Roger Mills wrote:
> Old Karlheinz  must have done something fairly significant to piss
> Cornelius off that much, although I personally think that this level of
> invective can only really come from a guilt ridden upperclass Marxist.

Collateral damage from Maoist self criticism I guess. The destruction of
the Scratch Orchestra's social value by those who wished to give it
social value is a pattern I see repeated or at least attempted far too

> Seeing past the man's personal failings and irrationality, Helekopta
> Quartet is a great work and one needs listen to at high volume and sat
> in the centre of the stereo spectrum for best experience.

Does it work as well with reasonable quality headphones? I don't have
access to a stereo at the moment.

> Interestingly it also drew the ire of the Austrian Greens, and a series
> of performances for the Festspiele in 1994 had to be cancelled because
> they didn't want the air polluted by this Stockhausen !

"We won't fly for music". :-)

- Rob.

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