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Hope this finds you all well indeed..

Am going back to the original question/request..

On thursday there was a lighthouse event -
http://www.lighthouse.org.uk/programme/slr-who-s-watching-your-shadow .

One of the projects presented was Palindrone, that has plenty of drone
Mark said the lot will become freely available sometime soon.. Perhaps its
an idea to email him re that..

Here's his take on the evening + info:

Cheers and have fun!


> On 31/01/14 02:54 PM, Roger Mills wrote:
>> Old Karlheinz  must have done something fairly significant to piss
>> Cornelius off that much, although I personally think that this level of
>> invective can only really come from a guilt ridden upperclass Marxist.
> Collateral damage from Maoist self criticism I guess. The destruction of
> the Scratch Orchestra's social value by those who wished to give it
> social value is a pattern I see repeated or at least attempted far too
> often.
>> Seeing past the man's personal failings and irrationality, Helekopta
>> Quartet is a great work and one needs listen to at high volume and sat
>> in the centre of the stereo spectrum for best experience.
> Does it work as well with reasonable quality headphones? I don't have
> access to a stereo at the moment.
>> Interestingly it also drew the ire of the Austrian Greens, and a series
>> of performances for the Festspiele in 1994 had to be cancelled because
>> they didn't want the air polluted by this Stockhausen !
> "We won't fly for music". :-)
> - Rob.
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