[NetBehaviour] Gloves

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Sun Feb 2 02:17:55 CET 2014

Making music with datagloves in the 1980s:


Making music with datagloves in the 2010s:



I'm interested in applications of VR gloves to visual art making.
There's examples of this for 3D modelling, e.g.:


but I'm more interested in 2D image production. If anyone knows of any
examples I'd be very interested.

Heap's use of wrist microphones could be replaced with palm cameras for
capturing image samples or video samples rather than sound samples,
making literal the eye-in-hand motif popular in logos a while back (e.g.
http://secondlife.com/525/_img/page/index/secondlife-logo.png ). These
samples could be manipulated using a glove interface providing the kind
of spatialization of sample properties that Heap demonstrates, either in
image composition or VJ applications.

The role of and constraints on bodily performance are different for
image and music making, maybe this would be more suitable for
livecoding, but I still think that a defamiliarising, flexible and
expressive interface is a useful affordance for art.


- Rob.

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