[NetBehaviour] Happy Geta Feet - to Alan Sondheim

Fung-Lin Hall hall at mutanteggplant.com
Mon Feb 3 05:36:14 CET 2014

Happy birthday Alan Sondheim.. (Feb 3)
Here is his birthday poem he wrote..
"In two hours it's my birthday and you are all invited to my birthday party
in my head!
I will wear my shoes any way I choose!
I will wear my pants and promise no more rants!
I will wear my shirt and stay away from dirt!
I will wear my glasses and their frame outgasses!
And I will wear my socks
And that's the end of the poem!"
Alan Sondheim..

Well.. you don't need to wear socks..
Look here..  tap dancing in Kimono and fake geta shoes..

Fung Lin Hall

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