[NetBehaviour] Sabotage! glitch politix Man[ual/ifesto]

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Fri Feb 7 01:34:35 CET 2014

agreed (kind of). 
cf: http://youtu.be/sZXhhEPuzp8?t=1m48s

but a glitch is not a glitch is not a glitch. all matter qualitatively differs in ways that (can't help but) matter.

re: http://www.tacticalgl.it/ches/txt/sabotage.html >>
25. says "Political glitch art doesn't always involve the machine."
26. says "Political glitch art must always involve the machine."
(so yeah, it's one of those irreductive collaborative writing schemes.)

But "the machine" does not necessarily = "digital." (I loathe the term "digital.") Nobody said "digital."
The machine  can = http://youtu.be/8qh6jRzjmcY , which ain't "digital."


> From: Rob Myers <rob at robmyers.org>

> On 01/02/14 07:18 AM, Michael Szpakowski wrote:
>> Hmm yes -I'm not convinced ( as I remain unconvinced by so many
>> arguments for the qualitative newness of the digital) that the the
>> glitch is at all new
> Mutations are genetic glitches, and clinamen is an atomic one. ;-)
> - Rob.

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