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mez breeze netwurker at gmail.com
Sat Feb 8 22:39:03 CET 2014

Helloha NB Peeps,

Sending 2 quick plugs [1 announcement, 1 request], both

1.  #PRISOM is now playable as part of The 2014 Vector Game + Art
Convergence Festival, a: "...participative, not-for-profit,
community-oriented initiative dedicated to showcasing contemporary
game-based artworks." #PRISOM is showing as part of the Impedance Festival
strand: "Impedance: Games + Resistance is an exhibition featuring works by
artists who use the medium of games to comment, reflect, and provoke.
Addressing the politics of surveillance, warfare, race, mass media and
propaganda, privacy , violence in games and media, and more, these works
challenge visitors to engage with difficult issues by interacting with
interactive installations, text adventure games, art games, and game
modifications." Get thee to Interaccess Arts right
now<http://www.vectorfestival.org/impedance/#>if you're interested.

2. A poster we designed (concerning the Evolution of #PRISOM) has been
nominated for a Digital Humanities Award in the "Best DH visualization or
infographic" Category. Have a look at the poster and the other entries
here: http://dhawards.org/dhawards2013/voting and if you think our #PRISOM
poster deserves your vote, please scroll down and click on the completely
unsubtle "VOTE FOR DH AWARDS 2013" link at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

We now return to your regular NB List schedule....

Chunks for your Support,

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