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Hi marc
This might be interesting - this evening 6:45 Farrington

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Cafe Diplo - Monday 10th February - "Drone Technology - A Cause for
Concern?" with Chris Cole

*Dear Friend of Le Monde Diplomatique,*

This is to confirm the talk  at 6.45pm on Monday 10th February 2014.  We
are sending you this reminder, because you may have been unable to find the
talk on our website today due to a temporary glitch with the website.  Our
apologies to you for any confusion caused.


The talk begins at 6.45pm and ends around 8.30pm giving plenty of time for
questions and discussion.   Wine and soft drinks will be on sale.  We
suggest you arrive 15 minutes beforehand so that you can settle in with a
glass of wine or fruit juice.

The Cafe is at our usual venue at The Gallery, 70/77 Cowcross Street,
London,  EC1M 6EJ.   The nearest tube station is Farringdon - the station
has recently been re-built and after you emerge from either of the two
exits you head up the hill into Cowcross Street. On the right hand side you
pass the "Four Compasses" Pub and about 50 metres further on you will see
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Entrance fee: £3 (£2 for concessions). Tickets on the door.

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*Monday 10th February - "Drone Technology - A Cause for Concern?" with
Chris Cole*

The issue of the use of armed unmanned vehicles drifts in and out of the
news cycle as individuals are targeted and eliminated in areas of conflict
under the mantle of the War on Terror. A number of civilians have also
become victims of the snipers in the sky. Chris Cole, speaks and campaigns
widely on behalf ofDrone Wars
UK<http://email.sav.co.uk/t/r-l-ptuitc-xthdhuudu-k/> of
which he is  Director. They aim to be a source of information on the
growing use of armed drones and particularly of British drones in use in
Afghanistan <http://email.sav.co.uk/t/r-l-ptuitc-xthdhuudu-u/> since 2007.
He examines some of the moral, strategic and legal questions engendered by
a growing deployment.

We very much look forward to seeing you,

With Best Wishes,

Committee, FLMD

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On 10 February 2014 13:23, marc garrett <marc.garrett at furtherfield.org>wrote:

> The 1,000 Drones Project: an interview with Joseph DeLappe.
> Marc Garrett interviews Joseph DeLappe about his latest art venture 'The
> 1,000 Drones Project - A Participatory Memorial'. He is considered a
> pioneer of online gaming performance art. His work examines the conditions
> and processes of cultural information to provoke and critique the state of
> military influences on everyday culture and people's lives.
> "On hearing about DeLappe's The 1,000 Drones Project - A Participatory
> Memorial, I was immediately intrigued. I wanted to find out more and
> discuss his approach as well as how he intends to bring to light the lives
> lost by these unmanned Arial predators as an art project, and what this
> would look like." Garrett.
> DeLappe's work includes the controversial game based, performance and
> intervention, Dead in Iraq 2006-2011. This involved him frequently visiting
> the US Army's online recruitment game and propaganda tool America's Army.
> Using the login name dead-in-iraq, he methodically typed in all of the
> names of U.S. service personnel killed in Iraq, co-opting the Army's own
> technology challenging the official figures as a reminder to its players of
> the real consequences of war. He also directs the iraqimemorial.orgproject, an "ongoing web based exhibition and open call for proposed
> memorials to the many thousand of civilian casualties from the war in Iraq."
> http://www.furtherfield.org/features/interviews/1000-
> drones-project-interview-joseph-delappe
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