[NetBehaviour] The "End of the World Wide Web" ?

aharon aha at aharonic.net
Tue Feb 11 11:47:25 CET 2014

> Hi List,


Many thanks Jorn, specially for pointing out, by default, possible
linguistic enclosures, eg german, mongol, english, etc.. - and opening
these up a bit..

* At the same time that states, and other large bodies/organisations,
assert increasing un-questionable, hence anti-democratic controls, we have
domain names moving away from geographic based, to thematic. wikileaks
moved from usa based .org to, for example. .ch as a way to keep its
servers up. How would that operate under thematic domain names? (eg .art
.travel, etc..)

* Am wondering whether some of the language in the post bellow doesn't, in
itself, perhaps points towards possible required self critique that might
be required for ironing out plausible dents in thinking? For example, can
we have a free web, and a decentralised internet, if - as it seems - stuff
like "bigname players" - even as a concept, seems to be acceptable or even
sort of legitimate?

Cheers and have fun during various
https://thedaywefightback.org/international/ events..


> I have come across an article in the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher
> Zeitung. The link was posted on the German list Rohrpost. The article
> is in German and quite long.
> http://www.nzz.ch/nzzas/nzz-am-sonntag/das-ende-des-internets-1.18239023
> By way of summary: it is about changes that seem of be imminent in the
> way that states treat the world wide web, as a consequence of the NSA
> scandal. Brasil, for example, is looking to implement a national web
> legislation that will only allow content providers who store data on
> Brasilian servers to be visible in Brasil. The fear is that not only
> totalitarian states shut themselves off but also democratic ones.
> Apparently the bigname players have published an open letter a while
> ago, warning of economic dangers in creating national internets.
> Maybe this of interest.
> best
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