[NetBehaviour] The "End of the World Wide Web" ?

Jorn Ebner je at jornebner.de
Tue Feb 11 13:33:05 CET 2014

Hi Aron,

> * At the same time that states, and other large bodies/organisations,
> assert increasing un-questionable, hence anti-democratic controls,  
> we have
> domain names moving away from geographic based, to thematic. wikileaks
> moved from usa based .org to, for example. .ch as a way to keep its
> servers up. How would that operate under thematic domain names?  
> (eg .art
> .travel, etc..)

The way, I understand this, the domain name doesn't make a difference.  
It looks possible that, if you are in Brasil, you may not be able to  
access wikileaks anymore, unless they get a server in the country. If  
this legislation will actually happen, that is.

> * Am wondering whether some of the language in the post bellow  
> doesn't, in
> itself, perhaps points towards possible required self critique that  
> might
> be required for ironing out plausible dents in thinking? For  
> example, can
> we have a free web, and a decentralised internet, if - as it seems -  
> stuff
> like "bigname players" - even as a concept, seems to be acceptable  
> or even
> sort of legitimate?

'bignameplayers' was my way of summarising a long list of commercial  
companies mentioned that are commercial competitors; my summary of the  
text is very brief and hence is not following the contents of the  
article indepth. However, I guess you cannot deny that large companies  
(faceapplegogglepoggleandyahho) dominate public perception of the  
internet ... Facebook, for example, to me, is not really 'a free web'  
but people obviously love it

The article I linked is pointing out, that there is a very likely  
possibility that a decentralised web is not the www of the future, but  
that states might tighten and limit access in a foreseeable future.

> Cheers and have fun during various
> https://thedaywefightback.org/international/ events..


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