[NetBehaviour] Garuda yes, requiem for music and News below!

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Feb 12 06:53:12 CET 2014

News: Our cd, Avatar Woman, is close to release by Public Eyesore!

Meanwhile, a long-form improvisation:

Garuda yes, requiem for music


38' improvisation on an unidentified Indonesian fretless

ana 17, The Garuda Purana, Dipavali and Bibek Debroy.) Gravity
emanates hotchiku, shakuhachi, Garuda lute Garuda lute the name
'Garuda lute' is my own for an unidentified Garuda; I'm using
three strings much in the manner of Sweet Garuda Played on the
'Garuda lute,' an otherwise unidentified archeologist
elaborating conflicted = elga bc anchorite become garudabird
with roots, delta blues, old-timey, Indonesian, raga, oud,
Okinawan, saz, pipa, dedicated to Al Wilson, Son House, John
Fahey, Amir Vahab, Jason Weiss, Maria Damon, Steve Holtje and
the good folks over at ESP-DISK, Chris Diasparra and Ed
Schneider, Azure Carter and the sweet bird of paradise, and
Bryan Day, who saved the day -

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